Cellmins Pot/Mag

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Cellmins Pot/Mag
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Size/Form: 180/Caps
Manufacturer: Twinlab
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Product Description

Potassium & Magnesium may be used for reducing and maintains normal blood pressure¸ and energy production. CellMins POTASSIUM & MAGNESIUM is the most advanced and effective delivery system ever developed for enhancing potassium absorption¸ transportation and utilization. Studies indicate that CellMins POTASSIUM & MAGNESIUM is more effective than other chelated mineral supplements including orotates. Potassium & magnesium aspartate hydrochloride is the source of potassium & magnesium in CellMins POTASSIUM & MAGNESIUM capsules. Studies indicate that potassium aspartate hydrochloride has nutritional and health advantages compared to other forms of potassium.

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