Outdoor Allergy

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Outdoor Allergy
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SKU: 366.127
Size/Form: 60/Tabs
Manufacturer: Natra Bio
Category: Allergy Sinus

Product Description

BioAllers Outdoor Allergy Sinus Treatment¸ Dissolving Tablets is a homeopathic formulation to temporarily relieve allergy symptoms associated with exposure to outdoor sources. BioAllers provide symptom relief for allergy sufferers by stimulating the body’s natural systems involved in allergic reactions. BioAllers combine precise levels of homeopathic ingredients with specific homeopathic allergens. This special two part medicine acts to relieve allergy symptoms and to promote reistance by gradually exposing the body to allergens over time. The result is a system of natural allergy treatment for the relief of symptoms without side effects¸ or contra-indications.

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