Black Walnut Extract

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Black Walnut Extract
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Product Description

This is one of the best known remedies for fungus.

Dosage: Apply externally as needed. As a dietary supplement, take 5 to 20 drops in a cup of hot water, or as directed by your health care professional.

Ingredients: Black Walnut and alcohol.

Black walnut tincture can be applied on itching skin. This works especially well if the irritation is due to a fungus or similar invasion. Use Black Walnut to build up potassium as for cysts and tumors.

Lice: For quick relief, bathe the head or body parts with straight apple cider vinegar, oil of garlic, or black walnut tincture or tea.

Fungus such as Impetigo, Contagiosa: This is a contagious disease, caused by staphylococci masked by flat vesicles that become pustular and then crusted. The best aid that can be given to clear up a fungus condition is the use of black walnut tincture as a fomentation externally and 6-10 drops three or more times a day taken orally in liquid (fruit juices or herbal teas).

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