Capsicum/Cayenne - 455Mg

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Capsicum/Cayenne - 455Mg
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Size/Form: 100/Caps
Manufacturer: Nature's Herbs
Category: Herbs Standardized

Product Description

Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens) stimulates circulation¸ aids digestion¸ and promotes sweating¸ and may be used to reduce pain and inflammation¸ balance cholesterol levels¸ control blood platelet aggregation¸ relieve infections from sinusitis to pneumonia¸ break fevers¸ for cold extremities¸ balance blood pressure. Cayenne increases the power of all other agents¸ helps the digestion when taken with meals¸ and arouses all the secreting organs. Whenever a stimulant is indicated¸ Cayenne may be given with the utmost safety¸ and should have first consideration. It is indicated in low fevers and prostrating diseases. Cayenne is non-poisonous¸ and there is no reaction to its use.

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