Amino Fuel Conc

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Amino Fuel Conc
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Size/Form: 16oz
Manufacturer: Twinlab
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Product Description

Amino Fuel Anabolic Liquid Amino Acid Concentrate has been especially designed for the serious bodybuilder and competitive power lifter. It can be of enormous value to strength and endurance athletes as well. Amino Fuel is a fast acting and easily digested source of L-carnitine¸ branched chain amino acids (L-leucine¸ L-isoleucine¸ and L-valine)¸ and pharmaceutical grade¸ peptide-bonded and free amino acids. Amino Fuel also contains stress B-complex vitamins and lipotropic factors (fat metabolizers) choline and inositol¸ plus a rich source of energizing complex carbohydrates from grains and pure crystalline fructose. Carbohydrates spare protein in the body. They help keep nitrogen levels high and assist in the body’s utilization of amino acids in building muscle protein. B-complex vitamins function as metabolic activators and enhance amino acid¸ carbohydrate and energy metabolism.

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