Chest Comfort (Herbal Composition)

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Chest Comfort (Herbal Composition)
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Manufacturer: Dr. Christopher's
Category: Cold Flu Immune Health

Product Description

Chest Comfort, formally known as Herbal Composition, is designed with the specific relief of cold and flu-like symptoms in mind.  Chest Comfort can be used as a preventative measure with the first early signs of illness or in later, more advanced stages to break up a cold or fever. It is also recommended as a means to fight off lingering congestion.  The formula may be used safely and effectively for children as well as adults.

Often used for treating: Colds, Influenza, Colic, Laryngitis, Fever

Ingredients:  bayberry root powder, ginger, white pine bark, cloves, cayenne. Encapsulated in a 100% vegetable based capsule.

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