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SKU: 129.001
Size/Form: 60 1grm/Stks
Manufacturer: PapainBerry
Category: Diet Weight Loss

Product Description

Lose weight naturally with green papaya enzymes!
Enzyme power melts fat away!
Pure fruit extract! 

Our PapainBerry products are delicious, easy to use, aid to healthy weight loss. Green papaya and cranberry extracts contribute to fat metabolism, bowel regularity and healthy skin, and they are also of benefit to those who drink or smoke. Green papaya extract is renowned for its papain enzymes which can help metabolize stored fat, and is particularly effective for cellulite. Cranberry has excellent anti-oxidant properties and is a good source of vitamin C. Using a special extraction and manufacturing process, we have produced a highly effective product in which the natural properties of the ingredients are retained.

Ingredients: Green Papaya extract, cranberry extract, Pinedex. 

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