Immune Enhancer

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Immune Enhancer
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Product Description

Does the cold and flu season leave you feeling "under-the-weather?"

Take the offensive approach and give your body that boost when it needs it the most with IMMUNE ENHANCER. Grandma's IMMUNE ENHANCER has been formulated with the perfect blend of all natural herbs in a combination that enhances our body's natural defense system. When our immune system is well and strong we can be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Following is a list of herbs contained in this formula:

echinacea - builds the immune system, fights against viral and bacterial infections, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-allergenic, blood cleanser, improves lymphatic filtration and drainage

astragalus - immune stimulant, raises immune resistance, fights against viral infections, energy tonic, encourages the system to function correctly, supports T-cell function

pau d’ arco - builds the immune system, increases resistance to diseases, blood cleanser, beneficial to the entire body, protects the liver, reduces tumors by dissolving them, reduces age spots

ginseng - preventive and restorative, strengthens the immune system, adaptogenic, tonic

suma - tonic, effective against viral infections such as Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue, energy booster, reduces tumors and cancers and regulates blood sugar

goldenseal - herbal anti-biotic and antiseptic, anti-bacterial for mucous membranes of the body, excellent when combined with other herbs, effective as an immuno-stimulator

plantain - builds the immune system, fights infection, counters blood poisoning, lowers cholesterol levels

reishi - increases disease resistance, normalizes bodily functions, enhances immune function, anti-inflammatory, effective against chronic fatigue syndrome, anti-oxidant

kelp - eliminates waste and toxic metals, regulates the metabolism, helps the glands to function properly, nourishing, strengthens tissues in the brain and heart

lobelia - synergistic herb, causes the other herbs in the formula to work more quickly and efficiently, relaxant, healing powers with ability to remove congestion

cayenne - expectorant, stimulates the circulatory system, helping to carry the impurities, that are in the blood stream, out of the body, alterative, antiseptic, tonic, synergistic herb

Recommendation: take 1 or 2 capsules once or twice a day

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