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Slim Too
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Product Description

There are many reasons why the body gains weight, especially as we get older. With proper diet, sufficient exercise and the use of herbs, we can gradually lose the extra and unwanted pounds. SLIM TOO can help in controlling the appetite and speed up the metabolism without caffeine.

Following is a list of herbs contained in this formula:

bladderwrack - neutralizes acid in the stomach and intestinal tract, helps eliminate excess body fluids, mild evacuant, helps to balance the thyroid, which in turn helps the body to lose weight, helps stimulate nutrition absorption, contains B vitamins

cascara sagrada - improves a sluggish colon, contributes to correcting hormonal imbalances, stool softener, it can help to restore normal bowel action, natural antibiotic for the intestines

schizandra - retains body energy, helps the body to handle stress, improves digestion of fatty foods through its ability to cleanse the liver and increase the production of bile, promotes long life of the cell, protects against free radical damage, counteracts the effects of sugar 

watercress - relieves indigestion, diuretic, rich in vitamin C, tones up the body, helps to regulate the metabolism, high mineral content, energy booster

vinegar crystals - improves digestion, which in turn improves the metabolism, helps to curb the appetite, excellent for weight loss

fennel - curbs the appetite, thus helping with weight loss, improves digestion, helpful with flatulence, increases the body's ability to handle protein digestion.

horsetail - high silica content, which the body transforms into calcium, silica also helps utilize the calcium that is in the body, diuretic, aid to circulation

chickweed - will help break down cellulite, appetite suppressant, breaks down fat, helps remove plaque out of the blood vessels, it strengthens the tissue lining of the stomach and the intestines

chia - mild laxative, very nutritious, good source of protein, increases energy and endurance

dandelion - soothing to the digestive tract, absorbs toxins, rich in minerals, good body balancer, very nutritive, great tonic herb, tones the liver and kidneys

guggul - lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol, supports the thyroid, which helps weight loss, speeds up metabolism, heart tonic, increases energy, removes toxic wastes in the body and mineral deposits in the joints, reverses sluggishness

senna pods - laxative, vermifuge, toning effect on the digestive system, cleans the elimination system

psyllium seeds - excellent cleanser for the intestinal tract and colon, promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon, acts as a lubricant, absorbs toxins from the bowel

grapefruit concentrate - helps digestion, helps to curb the appetite, has the ability to carry vitamins throughout the bloodstream, decreases excess acid in the stomach

celery seeds - assist the process of digestion, helps to regulate the nervous system, anti-oxidant, natural source of organic sodium

cayenne - excellent stimulant herb, assists the stomach in producing hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for proper digestion, tonic herb

Recommendation: Start with 1 capsule 3 times a day. If this does not seem like enough to start your body losing weight, you could increase the amount gradually until you notice a difference.

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