Cat’s Claw Bark 500Mg

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Cat’s Claw Bark 500Mg
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Cat’s Claw or Uña de Gato (Uncaria tomentosa) has antioxidant¸ antiviral¸ anti-tumor¸ antimicrobial¸ and anti-inflammatory properties and may be helpful in the treatment of cancer¸ AIDS¸ arthritis¸ rheumatism¸ asthma¸ bursitis¸ genital herpes¸ herpes zoster¸ ulcers¸ candidiasis¸ lupus¸ chronic fatigue syndrome¸ PMS¸ menstrual irregularities¸ gastric ulcers¸ tumors¸ gonorrhea¸ hemorrhoids¸ gastritis¸ colitis¸ diverticulitis¸ high blood pressure¸ high cholesterol levels¸ and stimulating immune function.

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