Metabolife Ultra Weight Management

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Metabolife Ultra Weight Management
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Size/Form: 90/Tabs
Manufacturer: Twinlab
Category: Diet Weight Loss

Product Description

The next step in Metabolife's Exclusive family of weight management products.

  1. Helps counteract your body's natural tendency to keep unhealthy fat.
  2. Increases thermogenesis and amplifies calorie burn.
  3. Boosts Energy. 

After successful dieting, your body can actually work against you, slowing metabolism and making it harder to keep weight off.  Also, your body can acclimate quickly to many thermogenic weight loss products, reducing the thermogenic effect over time.  It's time to rewrite the rules!  Metabolife Ultra Weight Management is a unique, patent pending formula clinically shown to maintain full thermogenic effects for at least 8 weeks after initial weight loss, helping to conteract your body's natural tendency to keep unhealthy fat.  Build on your short-term success with Metabolife Ultra Weight Management, the perfect tool for your ultimate weight management program.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 2 Tablets

Ingredients:  Green Tea (leaf) extract (standardized to 25% catechins), L-Tyosine and Cayenne (fruit).  101Mg Caffeiene. 

Directions:  Take 2 Tablets 30 minutes before each meal.  Do not exceed 2 tablets per serving or 6 tablets per day.  

Warnings:  Do not take if pregnant or nursing.   


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